How It Works

High Quality Carbon Assets for Investment

Sourced and Delivered

EP Carbon is continually originating high quality natural carbon solutions. Where we identify a strong core carbon opportunity, and a capable implementation partner that lacks funding, we assess the opportunity for the Drawn Carbon portfolio.

Working hand in hand with the implementation partner, EP Carbon provides technical assessment and onboarding to the Impact Inside platform for MRV from inception. Working together, EP Carbon and the implementation partner build a technical plan, an Impact Inside monitoring structure, and robust financial analysis. 

Then Drawn Carbon readies the opportunity for investment, and curates them for discerning corporates seeking carbon assets for Net Zero strategies and beyond.

Opportunity Attributes

Components of Quality

EP Carbon Originates and Evaluates the Opportunity

EP Carbon originates carbon opportunities that have high potential but are without funding. EP Carbon provides technical analysis of the carbon and co-benefit opportunity, and onboards to Impact Inside for MRV from inception.

Drawn Carbon Readies For Investment

The Drawn Carbon program builds an investment case for the opportunity based on its carbon technical merit, implementation strategy, and partner capacity. Drawn Carbon presents the package to discerning corporates seeking carbon opportunities.

Impact Inside Provides Quantified Impact

Impact Inside provides a monitoring structure to determine a Theory of Change for how the implementing partners (including landowners, community groups, and NGOs) will drive change that restores carbon pools and delivers meaningful benefits to people.

Corporate Partner Provides Investment and Collaboration

When the right corporate partner is identified, the carbon asset receives investment to scale up activities and impacts. But the corporate partner is involved from inception as an investor, monitoring data consumer, and carbon offtaker.