Carbon Opportunities

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A forest conservation project built in deep collaboration with rural Brazilian "quilombola" communities of Afro-Brazilian descent.
A conservation project with a private landowner and related NGO that seeks to conserve unique High Andean ecosystems that are an important source of fresh water.
A forest conservation and restoration project, privately developed by a company with Liberian roots and in collaboration with Liberian community and government stakeholders.
Moonseed, a Zimbabwean NGO working in agriculture, agroforestry, and ecology seeks to build a high impact REDD project followed by ARR and cookstove activities to benefit rural Zimbabweans.
An experienced Ugandan NGO seeks to use carbon markets to scale a program of tree planting for rural households and farmers in Uganda.
A mangrove conservation, restoration and livelihoods project led by an NGO that assists indigenous landowners in Mexico.