Moonseed “Green Miombo” REDD+ / ARR Project

Moonseed, a Zimbabwean NGO working in agriculture, agroforestry, and ecology seeks to build a high impact REDD project followed by ARR and cookstove activities to benefit rural Zimbabweans.
Preliminary Investments
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Breakeven Point
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Investment to Date
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VCU Estimate

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Rural residents of Zimbabwe who are dependent on local natural resources to meet agricultural and other needs.
Community Benefits
Climate Action, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Good Health and Wellbeing, Life on Land, No Poverty, Responsible Consumption and Production, Zero Hunger
Moonseed, a Zimbabwean NGO


Rural Zimbabwe


Forest education; forest patrols; agroforestry; bamboo woodlots; seedling enhancement of degraded areas; reforestation; cookstoves

Project Type

ARR, Efficient Cookstove, REDD

Current Stage